As the Holidays get closer we thought it might be a good idea to share with you a few tips to help you manage your spending during the Holiday season! This month’s blog comes from an article on

Make a budget and commit: List all of the gifts and decorations you plan to buy, the parties you will attend and the travel expenses you anticipate. Do not exceed your preset limits.

Make a gift list and check it twice: List all family members, friends and co-workers for whom you plan to make purchases. Be flexible in cutting the list to accommodate your budget if needed.

Comparison shop: Consider online shopping to get the best deals, but be sure to figure in shipping costs. Check sale ads regularly and be selective in your shopping. Once you have purchased a gift for someone, cross him or her off your list. Avoid adding last-minute impulse items just to make your gift seem more meaningful.

Make concessions: To maintain your budget, you may have to cut down your list of gift recipients. You also may have to be selective in what parties you will attend. Many people will add substantial costs with other activities, such as wrapping gifts and sending holiday cards. Avoid expensive wrapping and consider sending a letter rather than individual cards.

Best planning is to save: Although it’s late this year, remember, holiday spending is a recurring expense. You should establish a savings account that you regularly contribute to throughout the year. Ask your bank about setting up a designated account that money can be transferred to automatically.

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