Savings Account Options 

Primary SavingsSecondary SavingsHoliday Club SavingsSuper "K" Savings
Requiredwhite checkmark
Dividendwhite checkmarkwhite checkmarkwhite checkmarkwhite checkmark
Fee$0$0Early Withdrawal$0
Withdrawal Limitationswhite checkmarkwhite checkmark
Paper Statementswhite checkmarkwhite checkmarkwhite checkmarkwhite checkmark
Electronic Statementswhite checkmarkwhite checkmarkwhite checkmarkwhite checkmark
Minimum Opening Deposit$5.00$5.00$5.00$25,000.00
Minimum Balance to Earn Dividend$5.00N/AN/A$25,000.00

Primary Savings

Your cushion. Your lifeline. Your Primary Savings Account.

Save with a credit union that wants to help you get more for your money. A primary savings account at Kellogg Credit Union is the best way to start saving for a rainy day. All it takes is $5 to start, then you’re on your way! 

Secondary Savings

When saving for a big purchase, whether a new computer or a vacation abroad, our members can count on the team at Kellogg Credit Union. A secondary savings account makes it much easier for you to accrue funds without the temptation of dipping into the funds you worked so hard to save, but you can still access your money whenever you’d like with no added fees.

Holiday Club Savings

Don’t let the season of giving take away all your hard-earned savings. Save throughout the year, so when it’s time to purchase gifts, you have a head start. Our holiday savings accounts encourage you to save holiday funds by requiring a small fee ($10) to remove funds before November 1, but after that, the money you’ve saved throughout the year is automatically transferred into your primary account!

Super “K” Savings

For our members who are super at saving, we have our Super K Savings option. These high-yield accounts are subject to a minimum balance and are perfect for growing your money.