Easily deposit your checks from anywhere, anytime!

No more running to the branch or mailing in your checks.

Here’s How It Works:

  • Download the Kellogg Credit Union Mobile App from the appropriate link below.
  • Tap the Deposit Icon at the bottom.
  • Prepare your check following the instructions on your left.
  • Follow the instructions inside our Mobile App to make your deposit.

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Watch a Quick Tutorial

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Answers to some of our most commonly asked questions are below.
How do I enroll in Mobile Deposit?

Please fill out the form above and someone will contact you shortly!

What fees are charged to use Mobile Deposit?

As a Kellogg Credit Union member, there are no fees associated with this service!

How should I endorse checks that I submit through Mobile Deposit?
  • Write: "For mobile deposit only"
  • and then sign!
What should I do with the check once it has been scanned?

Keep your check in a safe place for at least 60 days in case it is needed for further verification.