Payday is coming early!

Access your paycheck sooner than your expected payday. It's free!  When you have direct deposit with Kellogg Credit Union, you can automatically get your funds up to two days early.*

Early Pay from Kellogg Credit Union:

  • ACH deposits may hit your account up to 2 days early
  • Eligible ACH deposits include, but are not limited to: payroll, pensions, and government deposits. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Early Pay? Early Pay is a free membership perk that is provided to Kellogg Credit Union members who have a direct deposit. There is no enrollment or activation necessary. All you need to do is set up a direct deposit to your account! If we receive deposit information for your account early, we will deposit it into your account when it is received up to two days early, rather than on your regularly scheduled payday. 

When will Early Pay begin? Early pay will begin August 2023. 

How do I know if my direct deposit qualifies? If your deposit typically shows as pending within your online banking prior to your actual pay date, this would qualify the direct deposit for Early Pay.

How do I sign up?  If you have direct deposit set up, you are automatically included in Early Pay!  Want to set up direct deposit?  Take our direct deposit form (PDF) to your employer.  Or contact us for help.

What does it cost to participate in Early Pay?  This is a free membership perk for members of Kellogg Credit Union.  

Will I always get my direct deposit early?  There’s no guarantee that you will always receive ACH or direct deposits early, since it depends on when it is received by us for posting. It is important to monitor your accounts to make sure your deposits are funded to your account before spending money. We will post the deposits when we receive them, up to 2 days early. 

Will this impact my automatic payments?  No.  Automatic payments running through the account will not be affected and will still be withdrawn on the normal date. Such automatic payments include vehicle loans, mortgage loans, credit card payments, utility payments, etc.  Account holders are responsible for ensuring funds are available on scheduled payment dates.

Will this impact internal transfers on my account? No. Scheduled transfers will not be affected and will still be transferred on the normal date. This type of transaction includes internal loan payments or share to share transfers, etc. Account holders are responsible for ensuring funds are available on scheduled transfer dates.

How will I know when I've received the funds? You can set up alerts and notifications through online banking so that you're notified when funds are deposited to your account.

What if I change jobs? You will need to set up direct deposit through your new employer. They will need your account number and routing number to begin initiating deposits. Let us know if you need this information and we can provide it to you.

Why did I receive my direct deposit early last time but not this time? Employers don't always submit their direct deposit information at the same time each pay period. Unfortunately, we do not have control over the timing. You can enroll in text and email alerts within your online banking to be notified as soon as the funds are deposited. 

How will Early Pay affect my Bill Pay payments? We recommend keeping your bill payment dates the same. As a reminder, your direct deposit may not always come early. 

I have a recurring direct deposit with Kellogg Credit Union, why am I not receiving my deposit early? If you are not receiving your deposit early, that could mean that your employer is not submitting your direct deposit information in advance of your payday. This service is completely dependent on the timing of the employer's submission of the direct deposit information.

*Terms: Membership required. Early Pay is a service in which we credit eligible ACH deposits up to two business days early based on when the payer submits the information to us. We cannot guarantee that you will receive Early Pay due to unanticipated circumstances. Eligible ACH deposits include, but are not limited to: payroll, pensions, and government deposits. Other deposits, such as: check or mobile deposits and card transactions are not eligible for Early Pay. Early Pay is automatic and there is no fee. Early Pay is offered at the discretion of Kellogg, and we reserve the right to cancel the service at any time and without notice to you. 


Automatically get paid up to two days sooner.


Early Pay is free with direct deposit.